Favorite Tools & Products

I wanted to share with you my favorite tools and products.
Things that I use all the time.
My Dewalt Palm sander-LOVE it!
I just bought this for my birthday!! It works like a dream! It is a 10 inch blade. I got it at Lowes for a great price.
My power drill with rechargeable battery. I use this drill all the time.
 This tape is the BEST. I used to measure things and say oh it's 5 feet 1/4 and two lines. Really :( I did NOT know my tape measurements. I do now!! This baby has all the little measurements. No one is allowed to use this tape...See it has my name on it :)
 You must have some good clamps. I have 8 and I still find times that I need more.
The Kreg Jig Jr. I couldn't pay $100 for the larger Kreg Jig so I got the Jr. for $39
It is perfect for frames and making furniture. It makes your pieces way more sturdy!
If you spray paint this is your best friend. You can get it at most Home Improvement stores for under $6. It will save your little fingers.
 I love Minwax stains. Dark Walnut is my favorite.
Krylon, camouflage is the perfect flat brown it looks like metal when dried it is awesome.
 This is the best wax for a easy protective covering it doesn't turn your stuff yellow like polyurethane and is easy and dries hard and fast.
Rust-oleum Heirloom White and White are my go to spray paints. They are the perfect coverage and the perfect color.
 My DeWALT, Saws-all. Really I use this thing for ugly jobs that don't need a nice cut. I use it for yard work, trimming this baby with the right blade cuts metal, anything I have put it up against.
I have many more tools that I love or that are on my wish list and will share those soon.

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  1. who says tools are just for guys? love my Home Depot and Lowes!