Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Taking in a thrift store pencil skirt

I have been wanting a cute grey pencil skirt for sometime. I ordered some from H&M but ended up sending them back because they were too short. Then last month I saw one for $3 at a thrift store. It was a few sizes too big and was really long- like a midi pencil skirt. But for three bucks I figured I could take it in and shorten the length. Trust me when I tell you I am not a professional seamstress.
But I figured if I ruined it I would only be out $3.

 This is the before, there was about 2.5 inches on each side that needed to be taken off. I took in the hips/sides since I have nothing to fill them in. I turned the skirt inside out and pinned where I wanted to do my seam. I started at the waist  and sewed all the way to the bottom of the skirt. I did one side and then tried it on again. then did the other side.
This is the skirt after taking in the sides. It is a little fitted at the bottom and the length was still long which made it hard to walk in. I cut off a few inches and hemmed it. remember you can always cut more off but you can't put more back on.
 I am happy with how it turned out. A perfect little pencil skirt just for me :)
Also I just got this perfect little Mossimo tee at Target. They are on sale for $5!!
I also got these darling animal print flats at Target this week for $12. They are going to be perfect for fall, they go with everything.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to cut your boys hair at home for FREE!

Haircuts can get expensive. People often ask me who cuts my boys hair. I do! If I had to go every 8 weeks to get their hair cut and it cost $7-10 each, that would be nuts!! I started when my youngest son was about 1 year. I took him to a barber shop and gave him 3 suckers to keep him busy while he got his hair cut. Madness! It took FOREVER!! My poor little guy was exhausted. Needless to say from that day on I was determined to cut my boys hair at home for free! I do my three sons and my husbands hair.
Try it next time. Be patient and keep trying you will get better each time.
I use this Conair  razor from Wal-Mart. It was $20-$24. They last me about a year. I have my three sons and my hubby's hair to do about every 8 weeks. So it saves me a good chunk of cash!
 I use the #1 or #2 clip. The #2 is a little thicker and will not cut as close to the head as the #1. Depending on how my boys want it that day.
This is the size 1. I start with this one first and do the sides back and neck.
This is the number 7. I use this for the top of the head. I use the next size down #6 to taper the sides around the temples of the hair. So it doesn't look like a bowl cut ;)
 I did this hair cut inside because it looked like it was going to rain. Usually I do them outside. In the winter I just lay down a sheet and then shake it outside when I am finished.
Start at the sideburns/ear and slowly move up till you are  just above the eyebrow then start to pull out towards yourself.
 When ever I got to this stage my boys love to look at themselves in the mirror.. ;)
This is both sides and back cut with the #1. Top is still long and the sides need to be tapered. 
 Then I use my #7 or  #6 to do the top I start at the side and work my way back. Make sure to go slow and get all those little hairs. I do a lot of sweeps thru the hair to make sure it is all even.
 My older son likes his top a little longer. I use the #7 and #8 for his.
Shower and get some gel on that hair. This is the finished product!
 This is my handsome little model. He did a great job getting his back to school haircut. I always give them a treat when they are finished.
Happy Hair cutting!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

How to SKINNIFY any shirt.

 I have been wanting this JCREW factory shirt for some time. Last week they were on sale for $20 and another 50% off, $10.00 each. Perfect! So I snagged 2 of them up. This cream/navy and a cream/grey and a few other things I will show you when they come in the mail. 
I wasn't sure how they fit since I haven't shopped at JCREW for a while, so I guessed with Medium. The length was good but the rest was BIG! S I do what I do to most of my tops-SKINNIFY! Yes, I know that is not a real word but it is the best description.
Skinnified-to make a big top fit perfectly!
 Big and boxy!
 I start by using a shirt with a perfect fit that I already have. I used this one from Target. I turned my Jcrew shirt in side out and lay if flat, make sure all seams are flat. Then I lay my pattern shirt (target shirt) on top of it. Press both shirts flat and line up the neck and the bottom.
 Then I take a pencil and lightly trace pattern(target shirt) onto the Jcrew shirt. You might have to go over a few times for the pencil to show up. make sure you leave a half inch for your seam allowance. Better to error on the too big, then too small. I used a blue line in photoshop to show you my pencil line.
 Use a big stich the first sew, start from the bottom of the sleeve. Make sure the fabric is laying flat, sew up the sleeve to the armpit. Then with your needle still in the fabric lift pedal foot and turn fabric to go straight down the shirt. Sew all the way to the bottom. Repeat with other side. Try your shirt on and make sure everything is the way you want it. Then using a small stich go over the first stich just   to make things secure. Cut off the excess fabric, leave about a 1/4 inch or use a Serger to finnish your shirt and your done!
I love my new perfect fitting JCREW top and can't wait to wear it! You will be so glad you know how to do this it has changes my clothing world. I have a really long.slim torso and small bust and was really limited to just getting small shirts and having them be too short or getting medium/large and having them be to big. Now we can have the best of both worlds!
Thanks for your visit. Let me know if you have any questions :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Gel-ish Nails

My name is Lindsay and I bite my nails!!
  I know, I know, I thought I would grow out of it. I have bit my nails ever since I was a kid. In the past I never painted my nails but I find that if I have my nails painted I leave them alone! I don't have the time or the money to go get a manicure or pedicure every week. So while at Sally Beauty Supply I ran into a base coat that is like Gel nails. If you are not familiar with Gel nails they are awesome! They last about three weeks and are so pretty.
I have tried many ways to paint my nails and this is by far the best.
First I start with a base coat of this clear GELOUS polish. It dries really quick. Then I use my colored polish. My favorite is China Glaze or ORLY they come in so many pretty colors and stays on really well. I purchase it  from Sally Beauty for about $6. 
I let that dry for about 5-10 minutes then add some good hard fast dry protective coat of clear polish let dry and you have a beautiful set of gel nails for way cheaper than a manicure or pedicure. Mine have lasted almost 2 weeks, if I don't dig in my garden and do a bunch of yard work.
Here are some of my favorite colors. Some of them are from the dollar store.
Here is a close up of the GELOUS polish it runs about $7
Happy nail painting!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brighten up your closet by painting it white.

I am preparing to paint my little girls room a lighter color. I started by painting the closet white.
Here is the before
(I started painting before the before picture!!) Sometimes I get ahead of myself.
It really lightened up the space I can't wait to start on her walls and ceiling. I used baskets to hold all her small things like short, shoes, toys/books and hair bows, then hang everything else.
Have a great Thursday!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chicken Coop Makeover with Planter Boxes

I have been trying to do some outdoor projects on my yard before the weather gets too hot. My chicken coop was looking a little run down so I decided it needed a makeover. 
Here is the before

 I made these planters with wood I had on hand. I painted them white and added some colorful flowers. Aren't they pretty! I think my chickens will lay more eggs after they see how beautiful  their coop is. ;)

2013 Before The barn red color just wasn't doing it for me any more. I felt like it just didn't flow with the rest of the yard.
2014 After
It got a new paint job and some pretty flower boxes. oh and we planted a new shade tree and Shade master Honey Locust . This tree will get big and give us some badly needed shade and something for my little ones to climb on.
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Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Animal Print Sandals

 Hello happy Friday to you all! I am so excited to show you my new sandals I made last night. Well I didn't make them but I did give them a wild makeover. I have been looking for some animal print sandals that were not too wild and out there. I have never worn anything animal print EVER. But this summer I have gone out of my safe shell of brown flip flops all summer and purchased me some cute girly sandals.
These are from target. Lots of their clothing and accessories and shoes are buy one get one 1/2 off. These are $19.99 I got two different pairs (ones with brown straps and a glitter strap) to makeover, together they were $30!!

I went to Joann's and purchased 4 inches wide of animal fabric I think the length of the bolt was 60" They lady said this is the smallest amount I could buy :/ I am not sure what this fabric is but it does not fray. the fabric total was $1.89. I cut a piece of the fabric to make sure it fit the while strap it is ok if it is an inch or so bigger you will cut it down before gluing the underneath.
I started on one side lining it up to the bottom of the sandal and gluing and pressing don't rub just press the fabric to the strap. I worked in small sections about one inch go until you reach the end of the strap on the other side. (picture below) Then you can trim the fabric so it is easier to work with and it won't get bunched underneath and feel weird. I flipped the remaining fabric and hot glued it to the underside of the strap. (above picture)
Now you have yourself some cute animal print sandals for under $20.
I love how they turned out. I will probably spray them with some protective spray.