Thursday, January 27, 2011

{DIY furniture-ana-white}

I just found the greatest site for DIY furniture. and wanted to tell as many people about it as I can... go ahead try to not stay there for hours...try it! I dare you.
It is called
This chick builds everything.. the site is so freakin awesome BECUASE.... it gives you the plans to build all the stuff. Beds from Pottery barn and other super pricey places that I love, but cant afford..There is a Queen country bed from PB that I am SOOOOO going to make for $150 not 799$...
Here is the bed I WANT so badly.....hmmmmmmmmmm


  1. Ahhhh! I want this bed too!! :-) I will have to check out the site, and when u make yours go ahead and make me one too:-)lol

  2. isn't she beeeeeeutiful? Yeah I'll practice on my bed first..good luck to me :)

  3. Love Ana White's site - makes it look so easy. I was so inspired I even requested TOOLS for Christmas - made my father-in-law so proud! Don't know where to start, but sure I'll come up with a millions things soon enough! Thanks for following my blog - love your style too.

  4. Build it! We just did! However, if you do build it, make sure your wood is at the same moisture level as your house. When we brought the bed in from the garage a couple of our boards separated and I've been caulking it like crazy just to get it ready to paint!

  5. Hi Lindsay,
    I really loved the first picture and actually, it's expressing all it's features as well what you mentioned. I also like white color so much and prefer white furniture for my place. I think white color can give really good natural light which really shines your place not only that makes your place relaxed and peaceful. Thanks for sharing this post.