Thursday, March 3, 2011

show me the sign

Here are a couple of signs I made today. The first is just a clock made from the back of some left over beadboard (yes I use everything, all my scraps). This piece was small maybe 1 foot by 1 foot. Painted it cream added the numbers, distressed with gritty sandpaper and then antiqued.

 The secord sign or "flag" is something I saw on miss mustard seed. She made the cutest Jack Union Dresser. I didnt have a dresser hangin around-(dang it) But did have this 3 x 3 foot board  in my garage. Yes, yes I know it is not our flag but it is a cool lookin one don't ya think. probably going in my sons room.

              JACK UNION BOARD

See the didstressed edges? mmmmmmm isn't it loverly? Maybe I'll do a USA flag next..
I am trying to find some antique tin traffic signs for my sons room but I might have to make some insted.



  1. Great job, Lindsay!

    You are very talented,
    in what you do with your left overs.
    You have a gift and use it well

  2. I love your clock! Great use of leftovers.

  3. Love the flag, but FYI it's Union Jack :)

  4. I so need to make the Union Jack board for my entrance! Its all London pictures so that will match perfectly! Thanks for the idea Lindsay