Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new home accessories

Any time i can bring the outdoors in i love to do it. I was at Tai Pan trading home decor store and saw these darling pots with the darling birdies on them and had to have them they were $3.97 each. I also got these potted greenery for $5.97 I love how they brighten up my kitchen..

Here's a close up of the birdie pot..

 I got this thing not sure what to call it a long timje ago probably 6 years ago and I havent used it much it was black. I used Heirloom White to spray paint it and sandpaper to distress it. added some greenery and hung it up in my hall i love how it turned out..

 I love to recycle things and so i've been saving all my tin cans. they worked perfectly for this project. you can use them for anything, you can also spray paint them, use to organize markers, pens, rulers, whatever.
What you'll need:
Tin cans-grocery store (soup cans)
greenery on sale 50% off they were $1.50 each plant -Joanns
Twine-the $ store
hot glue gun
 Wrap the burlaparound the can add bead of glue down the end of the burlap and press down to attach to the can i tied some twine around my cans to add detail.
 Put the cans in the holder added the greenery and done!
 I just want to show you that i just added some boards to my DIY old window i like it so much better with 6 panes.


  1. I reading your blog and I'm in a big impress!!! You're very creative Lindsay!!! sorry for my horrible englisch!!!I'm your fan :-)
    Regards from Poland!!!

  2. How simple and beautiful. This is what I adore about your blog:) (I love the beadboard as your backsplash in your kitchen, very pretty!)

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  4. Love everything you got! Great finds!