Friday, March 9, 2012

How to make a walnut ball

In December I got four bags of these large walnuts for 99 cents each. Not a big walnut eater, but I thought they would be great to use for some kind of decorating..I love decorative balls and so I made one out of walnuts.
You can use any kind of ball like this one or a styrofoam ball from a craft store. I just had this one on hand.

 I put the walnuts as close together as I could. then added some moss from the dollar store with the glue gun just shoved it right in the cracks with a pen..glue shove glue shove till it is all filled in.
 isn't it cool?? I love how it turned out. I really need to make some more.
It goes great on my shelf in my bathroom..

It cost me about 1 dollar to make, now that's what I'm talking about!!..


  1. So fun. I am such a deco ball nut. This is perfect!!! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Great idea! I love it's shape!

  3. HI Lindsay!
    What a fun project...your blog looks like it's full of lots of fun stuff...
    THANKS for coming by my place...hope to visit more:)

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  5. Small request: Please, whenever you make something, just make 2. And give one to me. Thanks! ;) I LOVE your ideas! I'm copying basically EVERYTHING haha