Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boys Basement Bath

 My oldest two boys were moved down to the basement so this was now their bathroom.  It is a really small space. But you work with what you've got right!
Before                                                          After
No one ever showered in this bathroom so I didn't even have a shower curtain. until now!
Before                                                      After
Look at this 4 1/2 foot blank wall....boring!
My boys were NEVER going to hang up their towels on the towel hanger so I had to creat a place where they could hang their towels. I did a towell hanging station on this blank wall. It works out SO well. It is easy to just hang your towel and let it dry. there are never towells on the floor! Success!!
I am going to do some sort of board and batten or plank wall on the bottom part I will update you when I do. With a new baby and freezing weather I just don't make it down to Lowes very often.
Before                                                                    After 
I made this sign out of left over bead board I stained it then stenciled the words on to it. Easy and free!

Shower curtain bar-Walmart $14.99
Shower curtain hooks-ROSS $3.99
Clear Shower Curtain-$2.99
wood fish-target $1 each
Frames Michaels-$3.50 each with 40% off coupon
Free fish printables off the internet!! I just LOVE Free!
Shelfs-Michaels-50% off $7.00 each (I usually build my own but being preggers I can't do it-but I did add the front faux drawer and knob-yeah me!)


  1. Such a cute bathroom! A wonderful job showing cottage style can be masculine too.

  2. I love it! Especially above the towels with the fish and all!

    1. Daree,
      Thanks, my boys LOVE fishing! Well anything outdoors that crawls, swims or slithers.

  3. You are freaking amazing!!!!!!!! I need some of your amazing ideas for my upstairs bathroom :)

    1. Oh Sherry you are too sweet! And I can brain storm with you anytime..

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