Saturday, September 7, 2013


I made these planters the other day with my boys. What an easy project.
I already had some 1x6 wood and some 2x2's in my shop. I cut the boards to 14 inches and screwed them into a square added some 9 inch long 2x2's inside for legs and stained them. Done! Not bad for FREE!!! :)

 added some planted pots that I already had growing. I don't know the real name of these but they are some of my favorite plants. I call them plastic plants. They grow anywhere and are very hardy. If you want starts you just cut off about ten stems and stick them in the ground and they grow a new plant and double in size each year. In the fall the flowers turn a very pretty pink and bees love them!
Look at my Variegated Hostas. I gave them Miracle grow for the first time this year and they loved it!


  1. They are as cute in person as they are on here :)

    1. Thanks pretty lady! Have you tried out your paint sprayer yet? You are going to love it I know you are ;)

  2. Simple and lots of character! I love it!!!