Wednesday, December 28, 2016

kitchen Island Planking and Paint Makeover

At the beginning of December I finally got the go ahead from my hubby to re-do my kitchen island! Squeal!! I've been wanting to do something to it forever!! It was pretty boring so I added some beautiful thick planking. Now I did this in three days and it was a lot of work by myself. But I love how it turned out.
Here is the before .
 I did have the nice people at LOWES cut my wood slats to 6 inch pieces. then I sanded the edges and nailed them up. I did have to rip one board down the center because it was too thick. I used my brad nailer to tack them up ad used a nickel to space the boards. This defiantly would have been a lot easier with some help. But the only helper I had was my 4 year old daughter and she was busy watching The Cat and the Hat!
 Side view of the planking
 When my daughter saw the wood she was so excited that I was making our cabinets pink! she begged me to leave them this pink color. hahahahah! No way sweetie!
 This is the island after a good painting. I used Benjamin Moore Advanced in White Dove. It is my favorite off white. It runs about $55 a gallon but is such great paint! I didn't have to prime the wood because it adheres to the semi slick surface and it dries 6 times harder than regular paint. I did however prime the planking. I did go over the island 3 times to make sure it was covered well. Here is a sneak peek at my whole kitchen painted white. I am in LOVE! it just fits me so much more than the wood.
It makes the space so much brighter.
I hope you had a great Christmas! and have a Happy New year!


  1. When adding the planking around the outlet, did you have to revise the depth of the outlet to allow the cover to still go over it properly? Or was the planking so thin it wasn't an issue?

    1. Jennifer, I just used longer screws and put the outlet cover on top of the planking. The planking us only 1/4 inch thick, or thin ;) or you could cut around the outlet cover to make it fit perfectly. I hope that helps!

  2. I love it! My cabinets are very slick and brand new do you think this paint wood work for them? I seen where some ppl prime then paint but I wanted to cut the extra step! Thanks! Lindsay

    1. Lindsay, my cabinets were also slick. This paint stick to slick surfaces. Bare wood must be primed before. I just washed the cabinets really good and then did about 3 coats of paint with good dry time in between. Pretty simple. No sanding, no priming. Good luck! :)

  3. What kind of wood did you use for the planking?