Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to cut your boys hair at home for FREE!

Haircuts can get expensive. People often ask me who cuts my boys hair. I do! If I had to go every 8 weeks to get their hair cut and it cost $7-10 each, that would be nuts!! I started when my youngest son was about 1 year. I took him to a barber shop and gave him 3 suckers to keep him busy while he got his hair cut. Madness! It took FOREVER!! My poor little guy was exhausted. Needless to say from that day on I was determined to cut my boys hair at home for free! I do my three sons and my husbands hair.
Try it next time. Be patient and keep trying you will get better each time.
I use this Conair  razor from Wal-Mart. It was $20-$24. They last me about a year. I have my three sons and my hubby's hair to do about every 8 weeks. So it saves me a good chunk of cash!
 I use the #1 or #2 clip. The #2 is a little thicker and will not cut as close to the head as the #1. Depending on how my boys want it that day.
This is the size 1. I start with this one first and do the sides back and neck.
This is the number 7. I use this for the top of the head. I use the next size down #6 to taper the sides around the temples of the hair. So it doesn't look like a bowl cut ;)
 I did this hair cut inside because it looked like it was going to rain. Usually I do them outside. In the winter I just lay down a sheet and then shake it outside when I am finished.
Start at the sideburns/ear and slowly move up till you are  just above the eyebrow then start to pull out towards yourself.
 When ever I got to this stage my boys love to look at themselves in the mirror.. ;)
This is both sides and back cut with the #1. Top is still long and the sides need to be tapered. 
 Then I use my #7 or  #6 to do the top I start at the side and work my way back. Make sure to go slow and get all those little hairs. I do a lot of sweeps thru the hair to make sure it is all even.
 My older son likes his top a little longer. I use the #7 and #8 for his.
Shower and get some gel on that hair. This is the finished product!
 This is my handsome little model. He did a great job getting his back to school haircut. I always give them a treat when they are finished.
Happy Hair cutting!!


  1. I cut Jared's hair but I'm really nervous to cut my baby's! He is so wiggly!

  2. I cut my girls' hair when they were little. I have not attempted to cut my little boy's hair. I still bring him in, but they scissor cut it. He was born with a head full! He still has this thick, gorgeous dark brown hair. With as fast as his hair grows, he should be brought in every 4 weeks, which I do not because it is costly. I have to say, it is hard to find a stylist that can cut his hair and layer it right. Oh boy, has he had some butch jobs!

  3. I started cutting my boys' hair after they each got bad haircuts from the barber twice in a row. My boyfriend who cuts my hair, walked me through them and helped out ( or should I say took over) when it came to the scissoring part. Both haircuts came out great and I have not turned back. Between my hair trimmed every other month and the boy's monthly haircuts, I am saving over $900 a year. And the results are better than I ever got at the salon or barbershop :)

  4. Another place to look for clippers is Sallys. They have the Wahl brand, which is what I use as a professional. Mine have lasted me years, like 8, and are still going strong. The key is to clean out the hair after each use. I use an old toothbrush to brush away the hair. Also oil them up ever 4 times of use. Just a little dab on the blades with do the trick. Turn the clippers on so the oil goes into every little crevice. The Wahl brand is usually about $50 on a sale, but if you can get them to last you several years it is totally worth it. Also, they have Wahl peanut trimmers that work great for around the ears and doing a neckline.
    Another trick is to wet the top hair down after you have made a few passes over it, not soaking just damp. Then comb it in the opposite direction it wants to lay down, all the hairs that got missed will stand up.
    Also it might be worth investing in a good pair of blending shears for the sides, to blend the top into the bottom. It can help with heavy spots that don't want to blend.

    1. I agree Wahl is a good brand, but I'm not very impressed with how flimsy the guide attachments are. I figure with the roughly $900 a year I am saving, if they last me 8 years, they will certainly have paid for themselves. But at roughly 24 haircuts a year with them, I figure mine should last me well past the time my boys are grown and out of the house. I havent used the thinning shears, but have started using the longer attachment first, then I work my way down to a lower number as I work my way down to just the Peanut trimmer clipper to do the neckline and sideburns. When I had taken them to the barbershop, they used too low a number guide and went too high. Especially when they went too high and there was a heavy line and cut uneven in steps. Unfortunately a larger number of home haircutters make that mistake and give at home haircutting a bad reputation. Most of the really bad haircuts I have received at the salon have involved the use of the stylist using the thinning shears and/or razor and over doing it and leaving it uneven and short hairs sticking up because they used them too close to my scalp. I have my boys jump in the shower and I check for uneven strays and touch up afterwards. I have used the combing the hair in the opposite direction and it helps. So thank you for the tip about spritzing the hair during the haircut. I'll trit it next time :)