Thursday, August 23, 2012

NINJAGO Birthday party

Okay my 8 year old son is crazy about NINJAGO anything. So as you can see that is what he picked for the theme of his party. Thank goodness for the web,. There is not a ton of places sell Ninjago party stuff, so I had to rely on pinterest and other sources to make my own.
I just typed in "free Ninjago printable s" on BING and all sorts of pictures pulled up. (including coloring pages that kept my kids busy while I did all this).

These are the three main ones I used. You can buy personalized invites on Etsy but I am way too cheep for that. So I just saved these pictures to my Photoshop and then sent them to Costco in the sizes I wanted which was way inexpensive 13 cents each 4x6 and the quality was really good. This is the picture I used for the invites. I printed out the party information with this cool Asian font "Japonesa" from  I got all the info from Jaimee at Craft,

The invitation really set the mood for the party and tells people what your kids is interested at that time for gift ideas.
These were so easy and inexpensive.

I got wallet sized pictures of these(above) and put them on red bags from the dollar store.

 I used this picture (below) for the eyes on the balloons. Cut along where the yellow and red then taped to the different color balloons.

I got  a TON of ideas for this awesome mommy she was super creative and very helpful and even gives a few printable of her own, that I know took some time. Like this one below for cup cake toppers SO CUTE!!! Be sure to check out her site it really is AWESOME!
Again it is
(This printable is from her site so be sure to go check it out.)
Here are some fun games we played. I tried to use what I had around the house. These are Pringles cans covered in paper and we topped with balloons and the kids had to use their ninja stars to hit them off. I made so many origami Shurkins (ninja stars) and then spray painted them silver.
 This was a huge hit! We used darts to hit the balloons it was so fun and it got harder as more got hit.
I used red plates and silver table cloths. I made these swords out of paint sticks yes! people paint stir sticks!! we painted them silver then used electrical tape for the handle made it a little thicker at the top and bottom. The kids had some serious sword fights with these and they didn't hurt anything or anyone.

I use Juice boxes from Costco covered them in paper and added some of Jaime's ( cute little circle printables to them. Easy peasy!!
Here is the set up..Don't laugh at the cake. I am not a baker by all means. I had no idea that it didn't matter how much RED food coloring you put in your frosting it wont be a deep red! I learned so this cake was a little more bright reddish/pink.
Here are our little ninjas! For the headbands I just used muslin I had on hand and cut them into strips. Each kids got a gift bag, a ninja balloon, sword and ninja star to take home.
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  1. So cool! My boy's also love Ninja Go. And I'm sure they'll be wanting a Ninja Go party. I may just copy everything you did. Looks like fun!

    1. These are so great! I also found a few things on for our party they had cutouts for eyes, even little ones for tootsie pops. The bandanas were great party favors, the kids loved them!

  2. Emily,
    Thanks :)They had a good time. I am glad it is over these parties are WAY more fun for the kids than the mom. Although I did throw some darts around and I had a good time too. But all the work is worth it. Have a great day and thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Super cute! I love it all:-) You are such a great Mama!

  4. So what are you doing for your birthday party :) And am I invited :)

  5. Great ideas! This might be the perfect party for my son this year. Thank you!!

  6. Its an extreme fun on this memorable event. Hope that it was helpful for their enjoyment.

  7. Wow so cool... how did the party go?

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  9. COOL! =D This ninja theme is truly electrifying. Good thinking of the concept. The kids are looking really cute on their ninja outfits, and they seem to be really having a lot of fun. I bet with all these swords, these kids’ parents had a little hard time convincing them to get home. The sword fighting and doing all the crazy exhibitions are really hard to stop, you know! :D

    Jeane Minter

  10. This is so great. Easy to make but very clever. My son's party is in January and I will use lots of your ideas. Thank you :)
    Sasha, New Zealand

  11. How were the balloons attached to the board please?

    thank you'

  12. Hi this party looked awesome. What kind of darts did u use and where did u find them? Thanks!

  13. Hi this party looked awesome. What kind of darts did u use and where did u find them? Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the shout-out girl! Your party was amazing!! SO fun : ) Ninja on!

  15. Thank you for posting!! I am totally copying your party for my 7 yr old son!!!

  16. Thank you for posting!! I am using your ideas for my son's 7th bday party!!

  17. This is great! My daughter wants a ninja party and this stuff if so great because it works well for girls too! Thank you.

  18. Fantastic! Thank you for the ideas! we will be doing some of this for my son's 6th birthday next week. :)

  19. It is so cool! Thank you for great ideas!