Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Power of Pinterest!

I got an email a few weeks ago from a man named
Andre Bourque, MBA
Social Media Marketing | Business Development
Below is the link to what he called,
"The Single Pinterest Pin That Launched a Company"

Well, I don't know about "Launched a Company" but Pinterest sure did Rod Works the exposure they needed to get their Online store headed in the right direction.
Last october I did a post on my hand made sofa table. I got tons of emails/"pins" about the table. But, I got thousands from people all over wanting the rod above the table!
I replied to all the emails/ "pins" about the companys name and where they are located (at the time was only in three states). "Rod Works does not have an online store" I sadly told them.
A few months later I got another email from a Sweet lady from Rod Works ( I don't have her name or email sadly :( I deleted it while in my crazy sick pregnant state) telling me how thankful they were for directing people to their store.
They had such a demand from pinterest that the made an online store!How exciting! So now everyone can have an awesome frame rod.

This sweet lady also send me a $50 gift card to use at Rod Works!! Yipee for me.

You never know what a "pin might do. So get "pinning" if you have not joined Pinterst.. do it today there are so many great ideas!




  1. Wow, What a neat story. We all love Pinterest!

  2. I love it!! That is super cool:-) kudos to u girl:-)

  3. Saweet! I think that is awesome! And now rodworks has an online store?! I might just be in trouble. LOL.

  4. I'm so excited!! That picture of yours is one of the very first I pinned after I joined last year. I've been an avid follower ever since! My mom and I even talked about trying to make a special stop at a Rodworks when we were in Utah last year for Thanksgiving. Now, thanks to your post I was able to order it online this afternoon :)