Monday, September 21, 2015

Bed, mattress and dressers oh my!!

I have been on the look out for a new bedroom set the past few months. I was on a budget! I had in my mind what I wanted. Upholstered tufted bed and large nightstands. But the ones I found weren't matching up with my budget so I kept looking. I didn't want to settle for something just because it cost less. I knew I wanted two small dresses for my night stands. I love storage!!
Here is my bedroom now. I am still looking for some great art and lamps to accessorize my bedside dressers. In the future I want to get some new nice neutral bedding too.
 Oh isn't she perfect!! I love it so much! I got the bed on sale 30% off at Down East Home. Did you know that they now make their own furniture!! I used to work for Down East and I have a special place in my heart for them. I always buy their clothing. But man they are doing some great things in the Home department.
 Look at her in all her tufted glory....perfection!
I also got these dressers there, lucky yes! they are huge 42 inches across.  Between the bed and the 2 dressers we have 4 inches. Close call I am so glad they all fit.
These dressers are not Down East brand. I got them 30% off too they are normally kind expensive. One has some small dings on the one corned, I can fix. Other than that they are really nice and great quality.
 I found some that are very similar at Ballard Design (pictured below)
I freaked when I saw the legs on this bed...They look just like the ones I was looking at from other really expensive companies.
 My husbands dresser

 I love the simple detail nails on the side to give it a little more detail. This picture also shows the perfect texture of the fabric.
 I am in the process of finding the perfect paint color for my room something a little brighter. We even got new mattresses that are fantastic!!
I love how it is all coming together! I have to save up for the rest but my hubby spoiled my rotten this month!