Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Barbie need some cover !!

Poor Barbie never has any clothing on! At my moms house the grand daughters dress and them undress Barbie a thousand times but some how she ends up naked! I've got three little boys and thought I would fix things. I saw this cute Idea on a blog. I used a sharpie permanent marker to draw some undies on the ladies. So me and my mom went to town on these girls and gave then some fine looking underwear. 
Don't you love the pink and purple dots? We even felt bad for poor Ken and drew him up some boxer briefs!
Me and mom mom had a good time doing this we laughed a lot it was worth the time spent!


  1. HELLO!!! This a Hilariously awesome idea! :-)
    And I can see why you felt bad for KEN,lol and glad that you painted them all "prim and proper":-) Now they are modest little Barbies {well, maybe not all black corsette Barbie;-)hehehe...something that is hard to come by these days!
    Hey and next time I come by an old antique door, I will keep u in mind! :-)

  2. That is truly awesome!! The barbies at my mom's house are always laying around naked, too, now I may have to fix that. Great idea!!

  3. Nice! I've totally done this with fingernail polish for my girls' barbies!

  4. LOVE IT! My daughter's barbies need this makeover. I will have to get me some of those markers. :)