Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Natural Christmas!

I wanted to do two totally different trees this year. This is in my basement right now but started out up stairs. Until my son freaked because there was no red on the tree, even my husband asked "Is that the tree your keeping up here?" they weren't being rude. they were missing the christmas red!! I had no idea my boys loved my other tree so much. So down stairs this one went and up came my red tree that I'll be showing a bit later.

 I got the awesome large burlap garland at Joanns it is realuarly $8.99 for a lot of it probably 10-15 feet but I used a 40% off coupon for it. The main colors are green, cream, white gold and the yellow/greenish pears that are oh so sparkly!!
I wanted to make some fantastic tree skirt all rufflishis but haven't had time so i just cut a 4 foot strip of burlap and pulled one of the thread to gather the fabric and tied it together- really technical I know!

 I didn't hang my shutters outside this year but I did inside on my basement windows and then hung these little wreaths for winter.
 more tree pictures....
I got some cream sparkle tulle for the fabric you see here they are about 10-12 inch strips thick and about 10 feet long you just weave them through your tree. easy peasy!

If you have ever been to Tai Pan Trading they use these large clumps of ribbon greenery and sparkling things tie them together and stick them in the tree. This is how I do my large clumps of ribbon and stuff.
I am excited to so you more christmas stuff more is on it's way!
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh I love it Lindsay! I love how the burlap and tulle mix turned out. You sure have an eye for beautiful things! :-)

    Too bad your boys didn't like having it upstairs...BUT your other Tree is also SO beautiful so I guess it doesn't really matter!
    Both Lovelies!

  2. Lindsey your tree is beautiful...too bad your kids and husband prefer the traditional red...

  3. Your tree is gorgeous!! Do you know how much I want to go to Tai Pan Trading??? (my daughter got me some things when she was out at BYU) How I wish they had online ordering...