Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kids crafts

Tree hand print pictures. I saw something similar on pinterest but they did theirs on plates.

My boys loved doing these why because they got to get their hand all covered with green paint,such a boy thing to love to do.

 I found this air dry clay ot Joanns it was $5.99 for this bucket but I used a 50% off coupon, so it was super cheep. I have made a ton of things with this stuff. Here are a few things:

 This clay take about 24 hours to dry hard but my house gets really warm so it only takes ablout 12 hrs. The thicker you make them the stronger they will be (and the longer the drying time will be)

I love candy canes they totally say Christmas to me. I wanted some that you counldn't eat so I made some with clay they were super easy. Just roll out your clay in long stips cut in half and twist them together and roll on the counter so they stick together then form into a cane. Let dry over night and paint stripes red. SO EASY!

I used a straw to poke a hole for the twine to hang them with.
 I purchased these stamp letters at Joanne for $9.99 using a 50% off coupon and they work great to make your own saying on your tags.
 My kids wanted to make their own animals tags using their plastic toys to push into the clay as a mold. They turned out pretty cute. They will be painting them but we haven't got to it yet.


  1. Your clay candy canes and ornaments are so cute! I really need to try that some time!

  2. Lovely crafts for kids. I really enjoyed all the crafts in this post.

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  3. WHEN can we come over and make some? :-)

    I saw those trees on pinterest. So cute!! :-)

  4. This clay may need to be a part of my art supplies....what a cool idea, I really like the animal print ones.