Monday, December 5, 2011

More Christmas

Okay here is my traditional Christmas decor that is in my upsatirs. sorry for the picture overload.
directly below is what is over my mantle (We used to have a tv there but I really wanted to get rid of it and have another place to decorate and so it's gone corner fireplaces take up so much room if I had the choice i would not have done it but i did so until I come up with a solution this is how it will stay). I also wanted to focus more on the reason for Christmas so I put one of my favorite pictures of the Savior.

Here is my railing..

My entry table. I love my grapevine trees I got a few months ago they light up the entry so much with the christmas lights on them.

and last the shelf in my kitchen I love the wood snowflakes I got them at Joanns for $1.

Ok that' it for the upstairs decor. Hope your having a great day. It is freezing here today it was like 4 degrees this morning, so needless to say I will be staying inside today.


  1. I love all the red. Looks so festive and welcoming!

  2. I love, love, love what you've done over your fireplace! The REAL reason for the season. Your home is beautiful and you've given me a lot of inspiration!

  3. absolutely gorgeous! Love every single thing! great job as always and thanks for responding to my questions!

  4. Im loving that last picture. And your other wreath on the chicken wire frame. Your home looks very festive.

  5. This is one gorgeous post! Your tree and garlands and mantel are so luxe and so pretty! Love your blog too. Girl, you are fearless! How inspiring.
    Popping over from Better After... I was featured right before you. You get lots and lots of visitors from that site, huh? Merry Christmas!

  6. I LOVE it! It all looks SO pretty:-) I really love the red and gold together. And like the other comments on this post, your home is Gorgeous!! I cant wait to have a house someday :-) you will be my GO TO person for wainscoting! lol
    Thanks for coming last night! Love seeing your and your cute boys smiling faces!

  7. Oh wow, everything is so beautiful!

  8. are all of your wreaths home made? I love them all and wouldn't mind a tip or two if you get the chance!

  9. Replies
    1. Haley, I made the table! Here is the link:

      Thanks for stopping by :)
      Lindsay @