Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween costumes & family party 2014

Happy Halloween everyone!
We had our 4th Annual Halloween party last week. It was so much fun. We always love seeing what costumes everyone comes up with. 
My family
Me: Sleeping Beauty
Husband: Knight
Neal: Will Treaty from the book Series The Rangers Apprentice (cape made by my mom, quiver made by me)
Paul: BYU football player
Jake: Knight
Whitney: Fairy Princess
I made my husbands Knight tunic costume.
My mom made the cape and the chain mail head thing.
My parents in their ROYAL costumes made by my AWESOME mother! She made everything!! Even the rad capes!!

 Cute Halloween cup cakes made by my sisiter-in-law Laura
Grandkids messing around with grandpa
The whole family for a group picture. Even the dogs had costumes on.

Me and my sister Angie....I mean Dorothy.
Her daughter was the Wicked Witch of the West and her son was the Scarecrow. 

We had all the kids go hunting for their treat bags. Whitney was so excited when she found hers. Yes she had crocks on.....a fairy princess with huge crocks!! I am not complaining.... it just looks funny. My husband got her ready :)
Sleeping Beauty Costume
I had this grand idea of being Sleeping Beauty and was all excited until my mom told me we better get a pattern! I do not use real patterns! :/ Good thing my mother is a PRO SEAMSTRESS!! Really she has some mad sewing skills! As you saw by the King and Queen costumes she made (pictured above)
There are four separate pieces for this dress.
the main light blue dress
the should part
the hip part
and the dark blue corset
 I made the crown and necklace by drawing then on a piece of white foam-ish stuff from Joann's.
I cut out my crown shape and necklace shape then spray panted them gold. Then I added some wet modge podged lace around the crown for some detail then glittered them both. Let dry.

 I love how it turned out! My little niece was so cute when she saw me she said "WOW! You look beeeeeeautiful!" and followed me around for the next ten minutes.
Every girl want to dress up like a princess sometimes.
 We got this pattern for $1 and made making the white pieces much easier to make.
I hot glued the gold trim to my shoulder and hip part! Go me!
 This is the pattern we used for my dress. It was regularly $17.99. We only buy patterns that are on sale and we got this one for $1!!!!!
We used the bottom right pattern. I can use the dress for another year for a medieval costume.



  1. amazing!!!! your whole family is really cute too! I love how creative your mom is with sewing! So fun! also probably the easiest thing was the crown but Honestly I was so amazed at how simple YET awesome you made it look...go you!

  2. It's so awesome that your entire family gets into dressing up!

    Mary Mae
    Pacific Prep