Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Parties of the Past

This year 2014 we will be having our 4th annual family Halloween party!
Halloween has never been my favorite holidays. Having these parties have made Halloween so much more fun. I will for sure post the pictures of this years party. But until then I wanted to share our past parties.
Halloween Party 2013
All the cousins for a group picture
Each family is responsible for something. Some bring soup or bread bowls, some drinks and each of us do a game. We also have a goodie bag for each kid. (because they don't get enough candy at Halloween) ;)
 My parents dressed up as really old people.
 I am a peacock, hubby no he is not one of the Village People! just a Cop. Neal was a night, Paul Captain Cody from star wars and Jake was a Ninja, Whit was just in a cute Halloween skirt and top.
 This is serious business. Time to decorate cookies!
 Donut game for the 9 yr. olds
 We used the kids Root Beer bottles for this game. We used glow in the dark necklaces and threw them over the bottles
 My mom made the 2 liter bottles with labels on them
 My mom also made these drinks for each of the kids. They are just the glass Root Beer bottles with labels she bought of Etsy. The kids loved them and were yelling "I got WART CIDER or BAT JUICE!!"
 Halloween Party 2012
I was 7 months pregnant in this picture. I love that my husband has on his I VOTED sticker.
My second son loved his skeleton costume he wore it for weeks before Halloween.
 My parents were "Paintball Soldiers"
 Trying to get all these kids to hold still was madness
 Ring around the pop cans
Each got their own Bat or spider goblet to drink out of with a skull straw
 The wee ones playing the donut game. I love that they are just grabbing the donuts
 Here are my kids in their costumes
 This is one of our favorite games we play every year. Donut on a Rope Game. You string donuts on the rope and different groups of kids and adults go try to eat it all before the others or before it falls. Each winner in each age group gets a prize
 My three boys wearing their Halloween masks they made for their craft
(my sister got these masks at Joanns)
 Each of the kids made their own popcorn hands
 Every year we do a cookie decorating contest, this year half the kids ate their cookies before we could judge so we had a adult contest. My brother beat me for first place dang it!
  Halloween Party 2011
We live in a small town so we go trick or treating to all the businesses
 My family and I were all Indians. All the costumes are homemade
My parents dressed up as my Grandpa and Grandma Blackett
My parents with all their "spooky" grandkids
Here is our group picture with us all dressed up

 I am glad that I have finally posted thses. So many memories were made at these parties.

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