Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kids Christmas Bedrooms

My kids have always wanted me to decorate their rooms for Christmas so this year I did! Nothing really crazy just some wreaths, red quilts and a small Christmas tree for each of their rooms. I didn't take pictures of my 2 older sons rooms, because they are in the basement and the lighting down there is not the best. I'll show you the youngest 2 kids rooms.
Sons Room

Red coverlet quilt-Overstock.com
Small Christmas Tree-Michaels
Wreath-Hobby Lobby
Snow Flake pillow-Amazon
Daughters Room

I love the little pom pom garland on her tree.
Red coverlet quilt-Overstock.com (really inexpensive, $26 each)
Snow flake pillow-Amazon
White Glitter Trees-World Market
Wreath-Hobby Lobby
Signs- both made by me
My daughter was the most excited about having her room decorated for Christmas. She walked in and said, "Mom it looks so pretty! can I keep it like this all the time!" I did so much decorating yesterday and I think I'm all finished with my Christmas décor, thank goodness! Now I can shop and enjoy the rest of the holiday season with my little family.
Have the best day!

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