Monday, January 17, 2011

{coffee table make over}

I really wish that i had before pictures of this table. after picuters aren't as good with out the before pictures. but let me try to describe it before, dark cherry wood finnish oval shaped with leaves that you could put up to make the table bigger. So off went the leaves that left big hoes on the sides of the table so i put on some bead board to cover them up, on went the paint (a creamy white)distressed it. For the top i went to home depot(one of my favorite stores) and got some white wood that was 1x6x8 had them cut into 2 foot long pieces, then stained with a dark walnut gel stain. I love the contrast of the dark wood and the white table legs. it's rustic but countryish... is that a word??.. it is now! countryish, yep i like it! Anyhoo the table looks beter than it did before believe me.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice! I'm thinking of doing a similar paint treatment on my "Goodwill" table. This gives me a great visual for how it may look when it's finished (if I'm lucky!)