Monday, March 28, 2011

Decorating my shelves

 After making the cafe shelving I decided it was time to redecorate my other shelf.  The great thing about shelving is that you can put as much or as little on them as you want. I prefer to layer my prettys..

 I got this clock at Tai Pan a few years ago it was red-not for me, so white it went. I just love clocks. I want a shelf of only clocks hundred of them.. The ticking might make me crazy though...
 I got some smaller ugly gold frames (did the same as the others from an earlier post) added some burlap and this key (from my hubbys grandma when she passed away) I love it and think of her when I see it.
 I bought this letter "G" at Joanns for  $1.50 using a 40% off  coupon and painted it sage green and then modgepodged paper on it and hung with ribbon from Rod Works-(Il ove their ribbon!) simple but cute!
 I made these decorative balls for super cheap! I bought some foam balls at the $ store and some "Ham Beans" (don't know why they are called that, they didn't smell like ham??? weird! But any white bean will do. They are super cheep, 79 cents for a bag at walmart. Then just hot glue your beans all over and tada your done.

Here they are all finnished. My son did the little one with the split peas(green one) good job for a little guy.
Thanks, Lindsay


  1. really cute mantel, you've definitely inspired me to head out to the $ tree to make some super cute, super cheap decorative balls! love your style, glad I found you're blog.

  2. Linds!
    I can't get enough of your blog! I wish SOO much that I had the talent for this kind of thing.. Trust me, it's not something that comes natural! I'm in LOVE with the kitchen hutch that you did and want it so bad! Keep up the good work!

  3. It looks great. My favorite part is the little key in the burlap frame. Also, You are so clever, that ball with the ham beans... I'v got to try that out myself.

    so I'm having a little giveaway on my blog, you should stop by.

  4. Your shelf looks great! I love the little white bean ball idea. I think I will have to try it out myself!

  5. This is so pretty! I think I just fell in love with your blog. :)