Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Laundry room

This is my laundry room I haven't showed it yet because I just finnished cleaning and putting up the decorations, but here it is. I painted the ceiling white and this wall a light cream to brighten it up(there is no natural light in this room, bummer!)
 The washer and the dryer area..
 The hanging wall... this doesn't always look this clean but for right now it is looking oh so lovely and organized.
 These baskets are a life saver! Even though the stuff inside is just thrown in, it is not all over the floor.
I LOVE baskets you can never have to many.
That is it, my laundry room, it is small but it does the job.
I'm going to adding some built-ins on the side of the cabinets to the right see that space doing nothing and holding nothing.
Well that is going to change soon... hint ...hint... hint...

See ya later,


  1. I agree. You can never have too many baskets! Love the new laundry room. It looks great!

  2. Beautiful beautiful. I just put up real wainscotting and it was a horrible experience. It turned out fine but was a pain to do. I want to do this style next time.