Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Projects in the works...My loves!

Okay it has be a week now since my last post. I really am woking on some new things..
 I just can't decide which love of mine is my TRUE LOVE... there are so many to choose from. First there is the "nail gun" and the "belt sander" and the "saw" mmmmmm the saw... then my painting tools.. and lets not forget my never let me down-"sandpaper" & wood love is really shared between ALL of them. But some get more attention then others, but I LOVE THEM ALL!

My hubby asked what I wanted for valentines (so sweet).

 I said nothing really!! (in my mind I was saying.....a trip to an antique shop and 50$ or  a power tool or a can of paint or some moulding or big sheets of beadboard.... and the list went on and on...

then he breaks throught my day dreaming with....
"honey really what do you want? I bet you'd be happy with a can of paint wouldn't you???

YESI LOVE paint! and the $50 would be great too I thought!
Really I sit up at night thinking of projects to do.. never enough money to do them all but the dream is always there in my little brain waiting patiently, very patiently.

Yes, I am a weird diamonds for me..
I will have some projects to show you soon I promise.

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