Thursday, April 7, 2011

My first "Feature"! {Jute Easter Eggs}

Yes! My first "Feature" I am so excited not just because this girl is super talented, sweet and beautiful but she is also my sister in law. When I saw her latest craft I just had to share it with you. Aren't thse the cutest DIY easter craft?? the anwser is YES! & they are super easy. The tutorial for these darling eggs is on her blog. It is super easy to follow, I made some last night with my boys messy yes, but fun.

She has so many cute things on her blog please go check it out. I am working on getting a "I was Featured at Counrt Girl Home" but I am not good with computers and will try to figure it out soon.

Until then come back for more. I've got a reveal of something that I have made. Now what on earth is this going to be???? come back and see. he! he!  he! (that is laughter).

Have a great mostly cloudy day! or is it a not sunny day- well however you look at it have a good day! :)
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  1. OH I love it! thanks for featuring me! :-) I tried to get Bella to make them with me, but she was like "ummm, its too messy"! lol