Monday, June 13, 2011

From Drab to FAB! Some Redos.

When we moved 6 1/2 years ago we brought this ugly bookcase (for some odd reason) and it has been down in a barn for about 5 years till I pulled it out and it was to DI or to my house for a makeover... as you can see I opted for the makeover. I love a good challenge. This a a cheep bookcase made out of Lamenant I had to replace one shelf and do a lot of painting.
 Wonderful white clean and large shelving for all of my books.

 I haven't decided but I think I might make some doors on the bottom. What do you think?

 Added some moulding to the top and bottom that added a ton of detail.

I added some bead-board on the back and some 1x2s on the front of the shelves to make it thicker and sturdier-is that a word?? It's all done and holding some of my books and magazines, I just love storage! Don't you?

{Children's Rocking Chair}
My mother-in-law brought me this cute little children's rocking chair, it is pretty old and crummy looking.  But it got a new paint job, heavy distressing and is feeling and looking better.
In all her painted distressed glory! mmmmmmmmmmmmm I just love a good paint job!

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  1. This book case is just fantastic!!! Great detailing on the crown, and my favorite part is the 1x2's on each shelf -excellent result! I think doors on the bottom would look perfect. It is a larger area and would make a nice balance. The rocker is definitely improved with a coat of paint!