Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PB Poinsettia Pillow Knock off

Pottry Barn has this cute poinsettia pillow for only $29! But you can make it for WAY cheaper than that, I bought 3 sheets of cream felt and cut out my own petal patterns. I had a pillow and just made a burlap pillow case for it. The whole thing cost me under $5.
*I got the wonderful tutorial from STEPH from Crafting In The Rain

I layed the petals out to make sure they it on the pillow, then I sewed around the whole petal and down the middle to add depth. Then sewed them together and added the bells(bought them at joanns for .99 cents for a small bag of 15) The bells were bright silver but I wanted a toned down rustic brown so I spray painted them)
This is how my pillow turned out.
 Pottery Barns is not sewn around the petals but I thought it added detail.

And there you have it, a knock off PB Pionsettia Pillow for very inexpensive. Hope you all have a great sunny day.



  1. I love that you did the stitching to the leaves! It really makes the pillow unique- I've seen a couple versions similar but without the stitching and I like yours best!

  2. So beautiful! I love the sewing around the edges too, it really add something to them. Great job, and thanks for sharing :)

  3. You are so talented! This pillow is gorgeous! Thanks for making it look so simple. :)

  4. Its Gorgeous!!! I like yours even better than PB's:-)

  5. I absolutely love how you improved upon the original pillow (from Pottery Barn) by stitching around each petal. I love how steph worked it out to use the felt. But stitching around each petal really does make so much of a difference. Absolutely love it! Glad you linked it to Stephs or she linked it to you. They are both so Great!