Monday, January 16, 2012

simple shelf to better shelf

I've wanted a long shelf with "drawers" on it from quite a while but I just couldn't find one. So I went on a hunt for a shelf I could "mess with" I got this shelf last week at Michaels for $8 using a 40% off coupon. It is cute but doesn't have very much personality.
 So after running to Lowes and grabbing $6 in wood I was able to whip up this bad boy! I Took the two boards and made a L shape and added three most boards cut to about 10 inches each and nailed them onto the front for the drawers.
Added the knobs that I got for free, and painted it Valspar Foxtrot, a lovely creamy white color.
Here it is all hung up and layered with decor.
 The shelf is 4 feet long and about 6 inches wide so I can put lots of stuff on it. I love stars, can you tell?? The brown shutters are just wood slats for fences they are 98 cents each for 3 footers just cut assemble and stain ta da hand made shutters..
 I finally Found some hardware that I liked to go with my table, aren't they loverly? If you don't know Hobby Lobby has all their harware 50% off on the last week of the month.. 50% off people that is a good deal! I got each one of these for $2 each.

So that is how you can take a simple shelf and make it better.
Thanks for coming.
(above) I am showing you how to make this green old window with chicken wire in a few days so stay tuned they are super easy and can be used for anything..


  1. Wow! Great job. It looks perfect with the vignette you've created. Thanks for the "how to" on the shutters. I may have to give that a try! Have a great week!

  2. gorgeous as always! girlfriend what does your husband think of his handy wife...he must stand in wonder...blessings to you on this (cold) monday!

  3. great job! I love it! I always seem to have extra shelves like these laying around. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Wow, looks amazing! You've inspired me to do the same. Thanks! x J

  5. You are so dang crafty!! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing so much greatness!

  6. I love this! I love stars! I just started collecting them.
    The shelf looks awesome!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  7. It's so shabby chic, I loved your shelf and your other DIYs:)

  8. I love your blog. I am sure you will be finding many repeats of your projects on mine :)