Wednesday, March 7, 2012

how to grow green wheat grass

Well on Pinterest the other day I ran into this cute idea of growing wheat grass in your house from Todays Fabulous Finds blog here is the link and a super great tutorial. Janet gives you day by day info and pictures she is amazing.

I just had to do some of my own I have really been getting an itch for planting but since there is like 5 inches of snow on the ground I can't do that.. so this will have to do for now. It is really a fun thing to do with your kids they loved watching it grow. I had some large food storage cans of Red Wheat that is what Janet recomended. 
The fourth day ours grew like 2 inches because of the sun.. Huge difference sun can make.. This is the begining of day 4.
 Day four..
Day 8!! isn't it so happy and green we all cant help but run our fingers over it.

 See how it brightens up this table it add so much needed springness to our home..
Happy day to you :)


  1. Thanks for the link to my post! I love your white planter box and want to add some pulls to mine now, great idea! :)

  2. Yay, I have been wanting to do this {I saw it last year and it was too late in the "spring" season to start} I can find the tutorial very easily thru YOU! :-) thanks for sharing! :-)oh and I am working on your blog button....soon to come. :-)

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  4. Thanks for sharing this!! I`m definitely going to try it. I also shared it here:

  5. Oh, I love this! Is this the same as your hand crafted sofa table?

  6. Hi, by seeing this i myself got encouraged to grow the grass at home. This post gives an enthusiasm for whomsoever reads this post. Thanks for sharing

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  7. So cute! But I love the white holder you have them in. I know this is an old post but any chance you remember where you got it?