Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Animal Print Sandals

 Hello happy Friday to you all! I am so excited to show you my new sandals I made last night. Well I didn't make them but I did give them a wild makeover. I have been looking for some animal print sandals that were not too wild and out there. I have never worn anything animal print EVER. But this summer I have gone out of my safe shell of brown flip flops all summer and purchased me some cute girly sandals.
These are from target. Lots of their clothing and accessories and shoes are buy one get one 1/2 off. These are $19.99 I got two different pairs (ones with brown straps and a glitter strap) to makeover, together they were $30!!

I went to Joann's and purchased 4 inches wide of animal fabric I think the length of the bolt was 60" They lady said this is the smallest amount I could buy :/ I am not sure what this fabric is but it does not fray. the fabric total was $1.89. I cut a piece of the fabric to make sure it fit the while strap it is ok if it is an inch or so bigger you will cut it down before gluing the underneath.
I started on one side lining it up to the bottom of the sandal and gluing and pressing don't rub just press the fabric to the strap. I worked in small sections about one inch go until you reach the end of the strap on the other side. (picture below) Then you can trim the fabric so it is easier to work with and it won't get bunched underneath and feel weird. I flipped the remaining fabric and hot glued it to the underside of the strap. (above picture)
Now you have yourself some cute animal print sandals for under $20.
I love how they turned out. I will probably spray them with some protective spray.

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