Thursday, October 23, 2014

Maxi to Midi Skirt Refashion

I bought this skirt last year at Vanity for a good deal it was under $15. I got 2 white skirts and dyed this one grey. I love my white as a maxi but I have not worn this one very often. Until now!
I have been really wanting a white or grey pleated skirt but just couldn't pay $50-$60 for one skirt!! What? I know. That was the average price.
 I am always searching my closet for clothes I don't wear and trying to make them well... more wearable ;) 
 If you are a thriftier this can work for so many long skirts. I have found many and didn't like their length. Now I just cut them off to my liking, hem and I have a brand new cute skirt.
 I took this pink lace skirt I already had and used it for my pattern. It is the perfect length for me.
I lay my skirt on the floor making it even and flat.
 To make the skirt bottom as even as possible I folded over my skirt and the used my Rotary Cutter and large ruler to make my line straight. Pictured below. I always leave a bit more than I really need just to make sure it is long enough. You can always cut more off.
Then hem your skirt and your done! I am so excited about this skirt!! I know I will be wearing it a lot more now.
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