Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dollar store wire basket redo

Boy oh boy did I score on these two wire baskets! I was at our local $ store and came across thses hidious orange baskets for $1.25, the wheels in my little head started turnin' -spray paint can fix just about anything! Really!
So home they came I primed them got and then painted a worn siver color. I didn't want them looking too new and clean. Tada! Here they are in all their glory. Better eh?

Here it is filled with fruit, can you tell which of the fruit is real and which is not. Real (the bananas, see all the bruising) Apples and pears- not real.  I am so glad I found these little wire baskets and the fst that both only cost me $2.50 make them even cuter.
Remember, when you find something that you love but don't love the color-spray paint it!


  1. Great job on covering that orange color.. eek!

  2. Great job! I love simple, inexpensive makeover. Looks great with the fruit in it.

  3. I love this!! Perfect timing too - I have two pink baskets exactly like yours that I got at the dollar store for Easter baskets..and now they've been sitting here while I figure out what to do with them! I have some metallic paint left over from some coat rack hardware so now I'm following your lead. Thanks for sharing!!

    Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please

  4. I have that exact same basket! My parent's used it as an Easter basket when I was in college, and it was bright green. When I got married, I spray painted it black, ran out half way through, and sprayed it again in silver. It now holds my hubby's bathroom items.