Monday, June 13, 2011


 Me and my sister using the "power tools"! Saaaaweet! I know I know I make those glasses look goooood!

 This is our new addition to our home- The chicken coop, and we are now officially Chicken Farmers!!!!
 We had some cabinets that my hubby scored from a job he did last year. Remember that I put some in my laundry room Well they came in handy again they fit perfectly into our new coop perfectly thanks goodness so we didn't have to make the nesting boxes from scratch. My cute parents even put insulation on the sides to help keep the chickens warm in the winter. It gets about 10-15 below here some winters.. brrr lets move on winter makes me depressed.

 We put the back and top on after we moved the coop into place it is very heavy. Here they are getting their Red paint.
 Oh the day of the chickens arrival-they have been staying at my parents house while their new home was being built. The kids were so excited!
 This is my youngest son talking to his new chickens how cute is he! (above)
We told the boys they have to help take care of the chickens and they are very serious about this jobs as you can see, busy little chicken farmers. (below)

 These are the wonderful grandparents whole made this dream for my som a reality-they are the BEST! I mean the BEST grandparents ever. The project was a ton of work some money too. My parents and my boys. oh and Gizmo the dog..
 Here we are the whole family-the new chicken farmers!
 This is Night and my two boys trying to catch him- he is very big and very fast, but very kind.

Our chickens names are:
Winger, Lily, Knight, Zippleback, and Bob the Builder(Bob for short) We have had so much fun watching these little birds they are really funny to watch and chase off our cats which is very funny. My kids are loving them they can hardly wait in the morning to go out to play with them. Soon they will be laying one egg each day.. so we will be cooking and baking a lot.


  1. I love it! How fun to have chickens:-) And the coop is cute especially with that red color! Oh and by the way, just "toured your home"....LOVE! :-)

  2. I am jealous... for 2 reasons: 1) I wish I had chickens!!!! 2) I wish I had made that condo coop! It is the perfect red.

  3. I Know right? I wish I could take all the credit but I can't, I had soooo much help my parents were the ones with the idea and they got most of the stuff to make it. And my favorite part is that it has bead board in it. Funny ha? We have really enjoyed these chickens they are our little buddys they follow us all over the yard.

  4. Super cute! I want chickens but not sure we can where we live now. I bet the chickens just love it.