Monday, September 26, 2011

chippy magazine holder

I got this at DI, a thrift store for $4. I've been looking for one for some time and was delighted to come across this one the other day. I have tons of magazines I use for ideas and needed a place to store them. Here is the before.
 and the after.....Look at the chippy goodness!!!
 I learned to use Vasaline to make your paint job look old and chippy from Sausha at {show&tell} check out her blog she is SUPER talented. She just did these beams, oh my they are wonderful... okay back to the vasaline there are so many great uses for vasaline but this has to be the best.
All you do is rub with your finger or a q-tip vasaline where you want the chipping to be. There is not a wrong way to do this, really. The paint, I used spray paint Heirloom white and sprayed the whole thing, let dry for an hour and then took an old towel and wiped the whole thing down, the parts with Vasaline wiped away revealing the underneath making it look old and worn. What do you think? I love it, can't wait to try it on furniture.
ooooooooooooooooooooo isn't it loverly! it looks so old doesn't it?

It holds all the wonderful PB and RH magazines. LOVE IT!! Have a great day! :)



  1. Thank you for sharing this Lindsay. I have an old wooden magazine rack that I am definitely going to try this technique on. I just have to buy me some Vaseline.