Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our new DIY train table

So I have wanted to get one of these tables for my boys for well since I had my first little boy. I couldn't ever find one I really liked for a good deal. We recently had a shop built and to my wonderful delight, there was wood left over, lots of  scrap wood. I wipped up a train table for practically nothing, it is really simple but my boys played on it for 2 hoursthe first day it was up. They wouldn't even let me paint it. so here are the steps it took to build.
There is no right way to do this I didn't really even draw it out before, which I usually do.
I didn't want to buy any 4x4 posts so I used 2x4's for the legs. just tall eough for the kids to reach.
then I used 1x6's for the sides, just screwed them to the legs with a 1.5 inch lip on the top.
then I had a sheet of beadboard that I used upside down for the table top and screwed it to the top of the legs and put a brace down the middle for support. Then I stained it with Minwax Walnut gel stain and hand painted what the kids wanted on the top. Dirt, grass, gravel, sand and a road for their cars. That is it, I will be putting a protective covering but the kids said I could do it later.. Thanks boys your so supportive.

You could build this too, it is not as hard as you think, trial and error. I built this in my basement and it won't fit through my door so if I want to move it to another room I will have to take it apart. Duh! oh well I am not planning on moving it any time soon.
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  1. I am always so impressed by what you do - I just took our train table to "storage" to open up more play space in my son's bedroom and was lamenting the cost/years of use - he's 3! You're smart to make one yourself (and incredibly talented)!

  2. love it!! but that red PJ clad boy is even cuter!!!

  3. that is so fantastic!!! i love that you did it yourself!

  4. I just love your train table! I love that you built it in the basement and have to disassemble it to move it! That sounds like me too! This is amazing! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! It always helps me find other great blogs like yours!

  5. I love your train table!! It looks so wonderful with the stain you chose. Much nicer than the store bought tables. I really want to get my little guy a train table for Christmas, but they are so expensive. I wonder if I could build him one. Seems scary to me! It's so cool that you jump in and build things!

  6. Thanks for your great inspiration. SK Sartell, Pinterest.

  7. I found your blog on Pinterest and then found this post. There are so many things that I love on your blog, but the train table was a first that I had to do for my little boy. I follow you everywhere now too :). If you want to see my version and post since I link back to you, please visit. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. This table is better than some you can buy in the stores! Love the look of it! Well done!