Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hanging pictures

I have had a ton of questions about how I hang my pictures. So here is the info.
My favorite things to use are these COMMAND STRIPS. I took some pictures to show you. These are for posters but there are other more heavy duty ones for pictures. Just buy the right size strips for the picture you are hanging.
 You have got to get some of these you will never put another hole in your wall for a picture! They are awesome!
 There are two strips that go together, and they both have little arm things that grab onto each other when you push them together you can hear them clicking and grabbing ahold-if you will. If you get your picture up and its not straight pull it off and try again. I have taken my pictures off tons and they are still going strong. I have removed some of the strips and if you pull them off liek the directions say at an angle they come off clean as a whistle.
This is in my sons room and there are 5 frames I didn't want 5 holes so I used the command strips.

 I swear my pictures are evenly space, this is a wierd angle.

The other way I have used which is different is using a picture rod. I got this rod at a store called ROD WORKS, they are only located in Utah, Las Vegas NV and Gilbert Arizona so if you live by those your in luck. Here is an example.

so those are some of the ways I hang my pictures.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so not good with screws and nails!

  2. Do these work on the old style orange peel textured walls? I can't tell if your walls have texture in the pics..but I want to try some of these! Love it!

  3. you can order that rod from rod works online.

  4. How did you get your pictures to hang straight? Mine want to twist and turn so easily :(