Monday, November 14, 2011

Small table/bench legs add on.

Sorry about the name of this post it's a long one, but I wasn't sure what to call this little piece of furniture. So small table/bench fit the bill. Okay I LOVE chunky curvy legs-(for a table of course). I was at a local thrift store and saw this table I didn't need a side table and it's measurements were wierd but her legs were perfect. Legs are pretty expensive at Lowes and Home Depot like $15-20 a leg. So this table was a good deal for $10.

 Let me re-show you the life of this piece of furniture, a little entertainement center from RC Willey-so sad looking!! I cut it in half.
 To make a cute little bench for the end of my bed for storage too, You can never have enough storage people!!

After I unscrewed the bolts and used a circular saw to cut the legs down to the right height I wanted. (see they were just too long for what I needed, the table or bench what ever would have not been porportional for that size of table.)

Here is the little honey now she is lovin' her new set of legs!! They just add a little more character to a rather regular table/bench thing...


  1. WOW! I love this! how creative are you?! I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head now:) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Just browsing love your blog. How did you add the legs?