Thursday, January 19, 2012

chicken wire frame how to...


This is the easiest thing ever. Grab some 2x4's or 2x2's, make a square or rectangle and nail or glue them together. (above)

Then when all fitted together add the special vinegar and steel wool mixture to age your wood. Let dry then paint you frame. (below)

 I wanted to show you what brown glase does to your frame when added. In the picture below the top and right side have the glaze on them, it ages you wood and adds a brown coloring to your wood and painted ares it seeps into the cracks and makes it nice and old looking.
 Add your chicken wire with a small upolstry stapler I got mine at Joanns for  $10 bucks. Be sure to pull you chicken wire tight while attaching to wood.
You can hang jewlery or pictures.


  1. Cool. I really want to make one of these! Thanks for the tute! x J

  2. The mixture is pour some vinegar in a container add somw steel wool let sit over nighr and then brush onto wood. Easy peasy.

  3. Love this! I did this too and it's hanging in our bathroom! Such a cute and inexpensive storage solution! I'm Allie from Would love for you to stop by and let me know what you think!