Friday, October 11, 2013

Boys Bedroom Makeover

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I have been very busy this week. I finally finished up my boys bedroom. I really like how it turned out.
Here are the bedroom details. The beds....Well I made them. There will be more to come about how I made them and a tutorial but I am really happy with how they turned out.
I have been searching high and low for some good down comforters for their beds. it gets cool ing the basement in the winter and they need some warmth. I looked everywhere but didn't want to spend $70-$100 each. So I planned on waiting till black Friday and hope there would be some on sale. Last week I was looking thru some newspaper ads and found these nice down comforters at Shopko for $24.98 Regularly $99.00 for a full/queen! What really?? So we (me and my shoping partner mother) ran down to check them out. They only had one but had another at a different store. We put it on hold and went and got it. They are perfect. :) and both for under $50....Awesome!!
 I scored big time with these old windows. My neighbor had them in an old barn and said I could have them :) well thank you very much. I got 5 of them!! SCORE!! happy day for me.. I made the frames from left over MDF and printed out each of my boys names. (I tell them it's so they know which bed it theirs, funny Mom I know ;)
 I made the pillow cases out of painters drop cloth from Lowes painted the stripes and the stars.
 Sorry for the bright sunlight...

The boys are really loving their new room and think it looks awesome! (yes that was their response...awesomeness!!)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
 :) Lindsay


  1. I love the window frames above the beds!

    1. I know!! I love the windows too! I was so excited when I was given them :)

  2. LOVE it all! But especially those painted pillows!! :)

  3. New to your blog. What an awesome room. Agreed... that;s a great word for it. Going on to read some more.
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Found you via pinterest! LOVE LOVE LOVE your house. I pulled my DH into our office to make him look at the pics of your house tour and told him "This is how I want our house to look so get busy building me some furniture!". LOL. I do have a question - Is Pratt & Lambert a brand of paint or a store???? I've been looking for a neutral color like that for years but always fail when trying out a new color.

  5. WOW, your blog is amazing, great work! Nice frames above the beds. I love the idea:)