Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ruffle Tree Skirt

I am so excited to show you my new ruffle tree skirt. I have never really had a tree skirt. I usually use some fabric and run it under my tree and call it good. Until I saw these fantastic DIY ruffle tree skirts all over Pinterest. I just had to make our of my own!
I found my favorite one from www.missmustardseed.com

Here is the link for the tutorial:
Check out her HGTV tutorial I was going to do my own but hers is perfect and very simple instructions.
Here is how mine turned out. I used Muslin fabric, got it for about $1 a yard.
 This was a time consuming project. It took some serious time to cut the strips and to glue them on. I think I might have burnt off my finger prints on all of my fingers. But it was worth it. I love how it turned out all ruffled and wonderful. It makes a huge difference under my tree.
So go get you come fabric and sew you a beautiful no sew ruffle tree skirt!
Happy Holidays!
My Christmas decorations will be up on a blog post soon. :)

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  1. Oh Lindsay it is so pretty! I have always wanted to make one, but I must wait until I only have one big tree:) crossing my fingers that we can move somewhere where I have room for a big tree this year!:) oh and I especially LOvE the gold bows:):)