Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden Area Makeover

Last year I had this idea in my head about a cute little private sitting area in the back part of my yard. There was nothing there but tall weeds...I mean fire hazard!! So one day I decided to get our old mower and mow the grass/weeds down put down weed barrier and make a path with bark surrounding it with a bench at the end. I didn't take a before picture before I started, but this one below is close enough.
I added this long section below the year before and loved it so I thought I would add on to it.
This is about half way thru the process. I was hauling all the bark and rocks by hand in buckets!! It was A LOT of hard work! I didn't make the path pavers really flat or even, I was very impatient. I wanted it to feel kind natural and wild.. We got the bark from a guy who makes bark out of old pallet wood. And who doesn't love anything made from pallets! and the best part was that it was free!
Here it is all filled but no plants still a  major improvement
That is how it stayed till spring of 2014
I planted some bushes and transplanted some of my favorite plants I had in others areas of the yard. In the evening it gets shady and cool here. I love to sit and watch my kids play, it has turned out to be a favorite little place of our family. The shrubs had little fences around them to keep the deer and other pesky critters from eating them.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have so much fun outside with my kids in the summer I have a hard time working on things inside (Computer). More posts/projects to come. :)
Have a fantastic day!


  1. I am a newbie to your blog. I am glad to see you post again :-) great outdoor space.


  2. You have made a beautiful transformation, perfect for enjoying those lovely views :)

  3. I still can't believe you hauled all of that by hand! Strong work Lindsay, it's beautiful!