Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SPRING IS HERE.....Finally!

 Hello, I am so glad you're here! 
If you're new around here my name is Lindsay. I was born and raised and currently live Utah. I love Utah so much but I am ready for winter and the snow to be gone already. I am in full blown Spring mode.

Tulips and Daffodils remind me of when I was young and they would pop out of the ground and let me know it was Springtime. So tulips are the perfect centerpiece for my happy Spring tablescape. 

These are faux tulips purchased on Amazon. They look so real, don't ya think?

So while I was putting this tablescape together I thought to add some blueberries to the lemonade. Dang! It could be my new favorite drink! I have always added strawberries or raspberries to my lemonade but never blueberries! Try it its soooo yummy!

The wood chargers are a DIY purchased from Michael's in raw wood and then I stained them. 
Same with the cutting board.

I am loving blue latley can you tell? I just reminds my of the beautiful blue sky in the spring and summer time. Its such a relaxing color for me.

 I love Blueberry muffins and so do my kids so I whipped these up for them for after school and decided to use them for my tablescape. I'm all about multi tasking!

Aren't these tulips darling! I'm dying over them

Wood napkins rings are from Amazon. I think they are so cute and will go with so many different tablescapes. They were  $10 for 6 of them.

I love these little tulip muffin/cupcake papers I got from Amazon! They just make the muffins look a little more special and homemade. When I saw they were called tulip paper liners I had to have them.

No these blueberry muffins are not from scratch, But they are from a box and I did add the ingredients so in my book that's homemade.

 Mmmmmmm warm blueberry muffins
Striped napkins are from Wayfair

 I hope you've enjoyed my Spring tablescape.
Happy 1st day of Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring and I am so excited about it!
I hope your having Spring weather where you live. We are until tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

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