Thursday, January 27, 2011

{chest of drawers re-do}

I was lucky to snag this before it went to the DI and my son will need some kind of storage to shove all his "stuff" when he moves to the basement... who knows when that will be?? as you can see it started out red, which is not bad bit didnt go with tanything I have SO black it went I was going to sand it all down to the wood and refinnish it a wood stain or cream but after sanding it FOERVER! i gave up and painted it black. If you have furniture that is painted and you are having a hard time with paint stickin' to it you can buy GRIPPER from Home Depot. it will help to adhear your paint to the ssurface you are painting(it comes tinted white or grey, maybe more colors i don't know for sure)
As you can see this has NO hardware- hardware can be pricey so I am keepin an eye out for some on clearance at LOWES.. What color... silver, oil rubbed bronze, pink??-not really my son would freak out. what do you think?

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  1. Try Target.. They have some in-expensive hardware there that might work for you