Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{mirror mirror on the wall...}

I purchased this mirror about 3 years ago at ROSS for my basement bathroom but it was too wide. I kept it anwyway, you can never have too many mirros right ladies? or maybee you can if you look like i do today-yikes! anyway, I built my home about 6.5 yrs ago and my style has really changed. I just kinda went with what was popular at the time.... a follower, no i am not, but to my defense we (my hubby and I) were the contractors and I was very pregnant and sick the WHOLE time and wanted it to be finnished so went with what was inexpensive and fast. I am slowly changing the feel of my house. I really like traditional, bright, light, happy cottage, country living, craftsman style feeling.
WOW! did i just get side tracked.... back to the mirror, so from brown :(
to white :). looks sooo much better. I am having a burlap attack. tie it around anything..like a wreath in front of a mirror...burlap is awesome so earthy, natural.. me likes!


  1. LOVE IT! yes, you cannot have enough mirrors. I have several lying around in storage just waiting to creep out at the right moment:-) BUrlap!! YES! heheehe..Saturday I just bought me like 6 yrds of it!! :-)

  2. Nice! Cat cant wait to see what you are doing with it-the burlap... Storage... where on earth did YOU find any storage... ha ha ha .. I am so funny :)

  3. Love what you did with this mirror. I renovated my house when I was 21, now ten years later (and a lot more mature) my taste has totally changed. I'm also trying to change the look of my house slowly.