Friday, February 4, 2011

{color-just a little..}-green

I made this little wreath, I got the berrys at the dollar store in town. wound them around a pot to make a circle and then pulled at it till it looked pretty, tied with burlap(my BFF).

My house needed a little color and I found some things that will do the trick, for now anyway I haven't been shopping anywhere all week. I din't even go to DI, Home Dept or Lowes... I Dont know if I am going to make it...The only thing keeping me going is and Craigs List.. it's like online shopping/browsing right?..

I got some clearance fabric at Joanns and made some new pillows I got 5 yards of fabric for 5$. already had the pillow insides.

{The little gravy dish is just something I had and stick some greenery in it with burlap tied around.}

{I made my own topiary--is that how you spell it? out of a wood place mat(thus the sticks) and another greenery ball.}

{I got these cute mixing bowls at Tai Pan for FREE aroung christmas and put greet leafy balls in them.}

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