Friday, February 18, 2011

{what a difference moulding can make}

I had this little shelf that I think my husband or one of his brothers made in highschool wood shop class. I don't know how it ended up in my hand but it did. it was oak color, that I painted and then I added the beadboardwhich takes us to this picture but i still looked flimsy and cheep. So off to my BFF (Lowes) to get me some moulding for 10$, I didn't want to spend a whole lot on it because it is just for the kids to put books in.
 Here she is. Looking better right? And I scored this awesome globe at the DI for $2. Whoot, whoot!


  1. That looks great! Did you do the moulding around the sides as well? I have a bookcase I need to do something to and this is perfect!

  2. Yes I did moulding around the fronts (top and bottom) and the sides. thanks you guys are the best. It took 20 minutes to do this. The moulding was just MDF at Lowes for about $5 for each, its 3 inches wide.

  3. Well I think Brett made this, so THANKS, I have always wanted a shelf like this;-) heheehe
    So cute! Oh and I love love love love love love love the hutch transformation!

  4. Sorry Cat. I thought that Darin made it. Tell Brett thanks if it was him that made it.