Friday, December 2, 2011

Dresser redo

I had painted this dresser black forever ago and wanted to lighten it up for my sons room. I went to Sherwin Williams and picked out this grey color it's called Stamped Concrete. I left the top black and just added some different browns to it to make it look like wood. It really is wood but I don't have time to sand it down and stain it-(maybe next spring) because I do prefer the real staine wood look. But for now this works.
I couldn't find any hardware right away that fit the holes so I went to our local ACE hardware and the owner gave these wood knobs to me for free!! I love free! I painted them the same as the top.
Here is the before.. not bad just really dark.

Here is a close up of the top.
Thanks for coming. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. confession time! I found your blog through pinterest when you did the entry way table...which by the way is amazing. but then I literally clicked through your whole blog...i love the pictures (what camera/lens do you have?) and then since I was looking on my iphone I wanted to find you on my laptop after a couple of now I follow so I can keep up on all the great redos and brand-news you do!

  2. I also found you through pinterest. I just love the redo. Can you explain better how you did the top. I am fascinated that it went from black to the wood look.

  3. I just took two colors of brown paint bothe of them flat. then took a brush and dipped in the paint and then onto a cloth just so the paint is lightly covered it is called bry brushing. I think! then lightly brushed it on so there was different lines of paint color be sure to follow the wood grain. then I did the next color of brown don't push down hard with the brush just lightly go all the way down the surface. you want the black and both browns to show it gives it depth. I hope this helps.

  4. hi, I have spent some time browsing your blog...great stuff girl. I am gearing up for a total kitchen redo, I was definitely inspired..thank you! Now following your blog and Pinterest. I hope you will make time to visit my blog and Pinterest...have a super evening!

    enjoy *~*

  5. It seems worth noting that I think I just repinned about 75 links to your blog... I know they were probably already on pintrest but like every single post ended in me going "I so want that in my house!!" so it seemed easier to create a bunch of pins for myself. :) Love your stuff, thanks so much for the time and effort of sharing it with us!!