Sunday, February 26, 2012

small country table add on

I wasn't going to post this, wasn't sure if it was post worthy but I am glad I did sometimes the small things make me happy :) It will be going out on my front porch when it's a little more springy outside.. Pleeeeeeeeeeease soon! I am so done with the cold..


  1. So cute! Would make a lovely addition to any room in the house!

  2. I love this. I need one just this size to put right inside my house. My daughter's fiance always puts his keys and wallet on the back of the couch. I told him someday I'll have a table for him..with a bowl for his "stuff".

    1. what a good mother-in-law you will be. I hate when I can't find my keys!! This table would be perfect for that..

  3. charming, so small but how many joys :-)