Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome Spring!!! and gardening

It has been a while since I have done a post...sorry! I am in the process of some projects and will post shortly. Having four kids is more time consuming than I thought. Adjusting to having a little sweet baby takes some time. I want to spend all my time cuddling with her. She is now 2.5 months old and is growing WAY too fast.
Thanks again for all you wonderful people who come visit Country Girl Home everyday I am SO thankful for your kind words and getting to know you.

I am super excited for spring. I was able to do some gardening this past week and it felt so good to feel the sun on my back. These are a few things I would love to do in my yard this summer.

Okay this is not my backyard but I wish it was! So beautiful!! We are working on our yard again this year adding here and there to make it a little better. We recently added a retaining wall and needed some ideas. If I was really rich I would do this!
                                     But.....I am not so I will just try to copy it for way less..
                                                                      isn't it fantastic?
                           Now check out this next HELLO! this is AWESOME!!
                                   I love how the stone is used as a patio insted of just plain cement...
                                                 I wanna just get me some smores cooking!
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I have bigger plans for my yard than I have money for darn it. But over time we will make small improvements.
Here are a few more things I love..
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                                         Hostas are so great for really shaded areas.
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  1. Those backyards put a smile on my face! My backyard looks pretty sad compared to these!

  2. Bobbie,
    Mine too, these are my dream backyards! But right now I just want warm weather and green grass :)