Saturday, July 13, 2013

Neighbor Dresser Redo

My neighbor and her daughter bought this dresser and two nightstands a few years ago for $40 and it has been sitting in their garage since then. They tried to strip the paint off and after three hours they gave up. (I don't blame them, stripper is NOT my favorite!) So last week I told the mom if they wanted I could refinish it for them. It was in "not so good condition" and needed some TLC to say the least. Cleaning, sanding and priming was badly needed.
Here are a few before pictures. I had already primed the big dresser once. I was in a hurry the mom wanted to surprise her daughter and this needed to be all done by 1:00. It was getting HOT outside already. It is not good to spray if temps are more than 90 to 95. Lucky for me (NOT) that day was going to be about 103!! I needed to get going so I almost forgot the before pictures.
 Sorry my lens was dirty and so the pictures are a little blurry
This is the night stand they tried to strip the paint, not good!
 All the trim was gold on the drawers, nightstands and the dresser like this.
 And boy what a new paint job can do! They look brand new again. I didn't have time to do any major accessorizing but don't you just love it with the side of my garage and that gravel is to die for with that dresser! Ok just joking, but you still get the general idea :)
 I wasn't able to add the hardware because the mom wasn't sure if they wanted to use the ones they had or get new ones. Her daughter was so surprised when she got home that day. She was shocked at how clean and new they looked. I am so glad I could help out these sweet ladies.
Don't you love the legs on this little lady.
Thanks for sticking with me, I have a hard time being inside on the computer in the summer. Really, I eat breakfast, sunblock my kiddos and then we are out the door. I usually have to be reminded to go in and eat lunch. I have been working on some things in my yard, my bedroom, my moms house so look for more posts to come!
Have a great day!


  1. I love it, good job. You could be my neighbor anytime.

  2. Hats off to your altruism. Loved the dresser. Been looking for a used one for quite some time. Saw something similar on a rent bedroom furniture ad on craigslist.

  3. Hi I have a random question and couldn't find your email to email you. So I thought I would just ask here and hopefully will get an answer :). What kind of wood did you use to do your entry way in your before and after section and how thick was it?

    1. Lea, I used what is called white board from Lowes. They are pre cut 1/4 inch x 3 inch wide x 4 foot long slats they are pricey $3.20 a slat. In my last wainscoting project I used a MDF plywood board they come in 1/2 inch x 4 feet x 8 feet. I had Lowes cut it for me into 3.5 inch slats that were 4 feet long. I sanded them down a bit and up they went. I hope that helps. Email me if you don't get it or need help. Thanks